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Fragrance Free Liquid Hand Sanitizer 4 pk

$ 24.00

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Fragrance Free Liquid Hand Sanitizer

8 oz  / Set of 4 bottles


During this time of uncertainty, our team is working hard to find ways to refocus our resources and do good by providing an easy, affordable method for fighting germs. Bridgewater's liquid hand sanitizer comes in a set of four 8 fl ounce bottles with flip top lids. Manufactured under the World Health Organization guidelines, this formula is water thin and can be poured directly into your palm for immediate use, or used to refill a spray bottle. It dries quickly and leaves hands feeling refreshed without any sticky residue. Our sanitizer is a fragrance free non-sterile solution and contains 75% Isopropyl Alcohol. Note that hand sanitizer is for use after hand washing, or if soap and warm water are not available. Keep the bottle out of reach of children, and supervise children during use.

Volume: 8 fl oz

Alcohol Content: 75% Isopropyl Alcohol

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