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Pearl Bath Bombs

Posted on June 09 2018

Pearl Bath Bombs

We always love stocking new items! "Pear Bath Bombs" are our newest addition. Read a bit about them...

"Pearl Bath Bombs produces luxe handcrafted bath products, made from natural ingredients. Cruelty free, vegan, & handmade in America.

Just like discovering a lustrous pearl hidden in a shell at sea, we want to create the same excitement and experience of discovering a hidden gem in your bath!

We combine the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of bath bombs, with the excitement of discovering a beautiful ring to create the ultimate bath experience for everyone to enjoy.

Each Pearl Bath Bombs comes with a beautiful gold, rose gold or silver-plated cocktail ring, and a redemptions code. Enter the redemption codes on our website for a chance to win a ring valued at $100, $1,000, or $5,000! Every pack of 3 Pearl Bath Bombs come with 3 rings and 3 codes." - Mission Statement

We are eager to bring these bath bombs and surprise rings available to our customers. Keep scrolling to see what we have in stock!


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